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Baby's 50s Page is Dedicated to the following dear friends.

This dedication was posted by one of the former Traveling Salesmen members and dear old friend, Rick Weathersby.  Thank you, Rick.

"Many may not know, but a week ago today, Lubbock lost one of it's great music icons of the 60's and 70's.  Tim Atcheson passed away.  Tim (Lead Vocals, Guitar and Sax) and brothers Mike (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Dan (Drums, Bass, Trombone and Vocals) spearheaded the band "The Velveteens" who would later be known as the fabulous "Traveling Salesmen."   From the mid 60's to mid 70's, the "Salesmen" set the pace for local, area, regional and state wide bands.  They continuously kept raising the bar for future great musicians ..... and all under the vocal skills of Tim Atcheson.  As a former band mate and dear friend, I am grieving our loss.  My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to his family, loved ones, and all who had the pleasure to play with the "Salesmen" and know Tim's kind, gentle nature and talent up close."

Tim Atcheson 1947 - 2011
We love and  miss you, Tim.

Jim (Tiny) McFarland was one of the nicest guys you would ever meet and an awesome drummer. I count it a blessing that he was a dear friend to the very end.

by Rita Box Peek and used with her permission.
This was David Box, one of the best singers I ever met. He came to the folk's home one evening and jammed with us, and he blew me away. David was on his way to great recording fame with RCA Victor, but he was killed in a plane crash prior to making his first recording with them. David died in October, 1964. He was only 21 years old when he died. We still miss you, David.


Joe Don Davidson, one of the best guitar players to ever come out of Lubbock,  Texas


Doug Walding, a great bass player performed with the Velveteens in the early 1960's.  A good guy with a great sense of humor.  We'll miss you, Doug.


Tim is in good company in Heaven.

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