Baby Thumbnails

Here are some "thumbnail" images of me. Click on the image to enlarge it. To get back to this page after viewing the enlarged image, click the Back button.

First_Photo_Of_Baby.jpg (19740 bytes)
Baby's First Photograph
Still My Couch.jpg (24469 bytes)  
It's My Couch!
Baby Still Owns Bed.jpg (43262 bytes)  
It's My Bed, Too!
Baby Owns Couch 1.jpg (34049 bytes)  
Baby as a Puppy.
Baby On Ramp.jpg (37551 bytes)  
Baby Used a Ramp To Get On the Couch.
Baby_by_Speaker.jpg (55024 bytes)  
Another Puppy Image.
Christmas_Toys_1.jpg (53564 bytes)  
Baby at Christmas
Sleeping_In_On_New_Years_Day.jpg (56515 bytes)
Sleeping in On New Year's Day.
Baby_by_Laila.jpg (31235 bytes)
  Baby Done By Laila Bjerrum from Denmark.
Baby_in_Red.jpg (47431 bytes)
  Another One by Laila.
Baby_With_Starfish.jpg (53729 bytes)  
And Another.
Driving Bully Magazine Cover Jpeg.jpg (35420 bytes)  
Joan McDonnell Created This One For Me.
Second_Birthday_Portrait.jpg (40913 bytes)  

Carole Hendl Created This One.

My_Star.jpg (67607 bytes)  
Another By Laila.
Baby_in_Luxury.jpg (61322 bytes)

  Living the Life of Luxury.

After_a_Days_Work.jpg (59651 bytes)
  Under the Couch.
Baby_the_Outlaw.jpg (29261 bytes)
In Trouble With the Law!
Baby_at_Philodendron.jpg (104304 bytes)
  In the Yard.
Take_Your_Nap_1.jpg (64216 bytes)  
Nap Time.
Baby_and_Pull_Toy_3.jpg (78838 bytes)  
Play Time.
Stretching_1.jpg (92052 bytes)  
Doing  Pushups.
Baby_and_Roses_2.jpg (95211 bytes)  
Smelling Roses.
Lumpy_Dog_in_Sand_1.jpg (80140 bytes)  
A Lumpy Bulldog.
Got_Sand_1.jpg (66215 bytes)  
Got Sand?
Egg_2.jpg (28980 bytes)  
An Easter Image by Laila.
Baby_Behind_Rose.jpg (72951 bytes)  
Baby and Pink Rose.
postcard_1.jpg (26208 bytes)  
Through the Webcam.
Baby_and_Glow_Ball.jpg (75001 bytes)  
Fetch Time.
Sleep_Toys.jpg (45355 bytes)  
I Must Have My Toys When I Sleep.
Baby_in_Sheet_10.jpg (46642 bytes)  
Helping Papa Make the Bed.
Baby_at_Dinner_1.jpg (46488 bytes)
  Let's Eat, Papa.
Dont_Drink_and_Drive.jpg (38669 bytes)  
A Public Service Announcement.
Dont_Drink_and_Drive_1.jpg (64179 bytes)  
And Another.
Hurricane_Gordon_1.jpg (57071 bytes)
  A Near-Miss Hurricane.
Freight_Train_1.jpg (48006 bytes)  
Like a Freight Train!
Baby_Makes_Team_1.jpg (79712 bytes)  
Playing for the Burford County Bulldogs.
Baby_Makes_Team_2.jpg (77782 bytes)  
A Star Athlete.
Baby_With_New_Football_3.jpg (61121 bytes)  
Impressing the Girl Friend.
Close_of_Face_2.jpg (45791 bytes)  
What a Face!
Baby_and_Football_8.jpg (65029 bytes)  
A Really Bad Looking Dog.
Baby_Profile_in_Blue_1.jpg (29840 bytes)  
Behold the Awesome Beauty of the British Bulldog!
Baby_and_Copper_Leaf_2.jpg (72550 bytes)  
Playing With Some Plants.
Baby_On_Coffee_Table_3.jpg (55853 bytes)  
On the Furniture.
Baby_by_Pillows_1.jpg (69028 bytes)  
Posing by Pillows.
Baby_With_Basketball.jpg (40598 bytes)  
Some More Fetch.
Baby in Kitchen-1.jpg (50027 bytes)  
What a Mug!
Baby_in_New_Yard.jpg (65255 bytes)  
A Handsome Boy!
Mean_Dog_1.jpg (83812 bytes)  
What Teeth I Have.
Baby_the_Bulldogger.jpg (87816 bytes)
  Doing Battle With a Plush Toy.
Baby_On_Table_1.jpg (43133 bytes)  
A Handsome Smile.
Baby_On_Coffee_Table_1.jpg (63300 bytes)  
And Another.
Baby_On_Coffee_Table_2.jpg (49719 bytes)
  And Another.
Baby_in_Undies_1.jpg (38269 bytes)  
Lounging in My Drawers.
Asleep_on_Table_1.jpg (62289 bytes)  
Sleeping On the Table.
Baby_at_Lailas_Fireplace.jpg (65543 bytes)  
Visiting Laila's Bulldogs.
Baby_and_Mower.jpg (92295 bytes)  
Challenging the Lawn Mower!
Baby_Running_1.jpg (55810 bytes)  
Spinning Around.
Baby_Running_2.jpg (75564 bytes)  
And Running!
Somebody_Let_One.jpg (73067 bytes)  
Foul Play.
Baby_on_His_Bed_2.jpg (43460 bytes)  
Time for Another Nap.
Baby_Smiling.jpg (80660 bytes)  
Another Smile.
Baby_and_Football_7.jpg (84045 bytes)  
And Yo' Mama!
Priceless_1.jpg (59664 bytes)  
What Do I Think of Hillary?
My_Baby.jpg (127643 bytes)  
In Front of Beethoven's Tree.
Full_Run_in_Yard_1.jpg (95690 bytes)
  At a Full Gallop.
Baby_and_Dumbell_Toy_2.jpg (107352 bytes)  
The Dumbell Toy.
Baby_and_Dumbell_Toy_4.jpg (74702 bytes)  
What Fun!
Baby_Excavator_1.jpg (90130 bytes)  
Digging A Sleeping Hole.
Dirty_Dawg_2.jpg (99185 bytes)  
A Dirty Bulldog.
Really_Dirty_Bulldog_1.jpg (88330 bytes)
  A Really Dirty Bulldog!
Baby_With_Bow_Tie_1.jpg (62797 bytes)  
In My Bow Tie.
Burford_County_Bulldogs_2.jpg (89426 bytes)  
More Football Pics!
Burford_County_Bulldogs_3.jpg (120093 bytes)  
And More.
Burfor_County_Bulldogs_4.jpg (90533 bytes)  
The Last One.
Sleeping_Out_2.jpg (76420 bytes)  
Sleeping Outside.
Rolling_in_the_Grass.jpg (86060 bytes)  
A Little Back Scratch
Down_in_Dirt.jpg (72634 bytes)  
The Tummy Squash
Near_Christmas_Baby.jpg (73554 bytes)  
More Tummy Squash
Near_Christmas_Baby_1.jpg (74254 bytes)  
Sittin' and Thinkin'
Low_Down_Dog.jpg (80614 bytes)  
Low Down Dog
Baby_on_Plaid_Bed.jpg (62033 bytes)  
Another Nap
Sad_Baby_On_Lanai.jpg (45058 bytes)  
Poor Baby
Baby_Head_Out_of_Hole.jpg (75273 bytes)  
In My Sleeping Hole
Baby_and_Delilah_at_Couch.jpg (58242 bytes)
  My New Roommate, Delilah
Fast_Turn_Sharper.jpg (68861 bytes)  
Baby Sees Delilah
Baby_and_Delilah_on_Couch_3.jpg (43060 bytes)
  Sharing the Couch
Follow_Me_1.jpg (70711 bytes)  
Follow Me
Baby_Chasing_Delilah_04_10_01.jpg (79940 bytes)  
Having Some Chase
Baby_Delilah_and_Posha_1.jpg (88256 bytes)  
A Jealous Girlfriend
Baby_Apologizes.jpg (74158 bytes)
  A Defense
Baby_and_Little Yellow_Football_1.jpg (49924 bytes)  
Some Ball Playing
Smiley_Baby_at_Rose_Bush.jpg (70863 bytes)  
What a Happy Guy
Baby_Asleep_In_Sand.jpg (73119 bytes)  
Please Don't Wake the Baby
Babys_Jeep_2.jpg (50044 bytes)  
My New Toy
Babys_Jeep_Ride_2.jpg (56287 bytes)  
On a Ride
Baby_at_South_Jetty.jpg (75789 bytes)  
At the Jetty
Baby_at_Venice_Beach_1.jpg (62926 bytes)  
At the Beach
Babys_Jeep_Ride_5_05_01.jpg (85850 bytes)  
Down Town
Baby_and_Cows.jpg (73777 bytes)  
In the Country
Baby_at_Dock.jpg (61207 bytes)  
At the Dock
Baby_Running_With_Basketball_1.jpg (53444 bytes)  
Playing Basketball




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