Our paver on the Texas Tech campus.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Texas Tech University in 1969, and I'm very proud to be a Tech alumnus. I didn't set the world on fire in the math department, but I think they'd be proud to claim me after having over 143,815 technical books in print. This is my class ring.

Unfortunately, I don't have very many images from that era, but these are some that I do have. I was a member of Kappa Alpha Order, and I met some great fellows while I was in that organization.

Here's an image of my pledge pin.

Here are two images of my initiate's pin. Those are emeralds and diamonds around the shield. Mom and Dad loved me very much and wanted me to have a good one. When I'm called home, this pin will be donated to the Kappa Alpha Order national headquarters where it will be displayed in a case along with other pins donated throughout the years. I've been told that they've never had a pin donated that looks like this one. 

Here are some treasures I've save through the years:

Here's an scan from the 1967 year book:
And here's one from the 1969 year book:
The "Old South" celebration held each spring was the highlight of the year. Jim Brannon, my "big brother" is riding the horse.

Do you see the guy riding the horse in the photos above? That's Jim Brannon, my big brother in the fraternity. Here's a recent image of him, receiving an honor from the Lion's Club in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Jim has become a very highly-respected member of the community.

Here I am posing with my "little brother," 
Lynn Gibner.

Here are more KA images from the 1960's

Here's an image taken at the Grubber's Ball, 1966. Jim Brannon is on the far left, and I'm at the far right.

We all got pretty crazy at these parties. Yes, we were once young, too.
Here I am with Jim. I'd lost a lot of weight, because I contracted mononucleosis that laid me out for months.

The guy at the bottom right was Mike Kilpatrick. Mike was a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam, where he was killed in action. 
Jim and friends at the Old South Ball.

We had a lot of innocent fun and I miss these guys.

In December, 2006, I became a part of the Kappa Alpha Loyal Order.

This is my birthday present in 2007.

If you're a member or alumnus of Kappa Alpha, you might want to get in touch with other members at 
KA Circle

This was my college sweetheart, Janet Samples. Janet studied very hard, which made me do likewise. I think without knowing her, I'd never have made my grades. LOL

My minor was geology, which was also very interesting. This image was taken of me at a course called "Field Camp" held in Salida, Colorado. It lasted half of one summer, and it was an unforgettable experience.


Although her stay in Lubbock was only a few months, Sherry Alberoni was one of our family's best friends.

Wally Davidson was one of my best pals in college, and he was also a good musician.
My brothers Mike and Tim and I had a good band called the Traveling Salesmen. The income from our gigs helped pay my way through college.

I'm so thankful I hung in there and finished my degree. It paid off in dividends. I eventually got to teach construction cost estimating classes at Texas Tech University in the Construction Engineering Technology Department for eight years, which gave me the opportunity and time to write my first two books. 

Here's what I look like, now. A lot older, but a helluva lot tougher through so many fights for noble causes.

In July of 2004, I was the seventh person to be inducted into the Monterey High School Alumni Hall Of Fame out of 23,000 alumni.

Click on the Monterey logo above to see the

Here's an image of two modern outlaws that marched to a different drummer and never conformed to society:

My bulldog Baby is also a Tech fan! Smart boy!

In fact, he'll be playing on the team, next season.
In fact, George will also play.