As with so many others in this country, my life was changed by the terrorist attack on the United States. In early September, 2001, Delilah and I were chosen by SOURMUG MAGAZINE to be on a 2002 calendar distributed to everyone who attended the 2001 bulldog Nationals. We had made it to the "Big Show" in the bulldog world! That's the calendar on the right.

I was at the pinnacle of my career, and we were going to take advantage of that by posting pictures of me with a new image. For example, the picture below about faith, hope and courage was to be me in my new wardrobe. The picture of me in sunglasses was to be me acting like a famous movie star hiding from his public. And the one of Delilah with a purse was to be her leaving me because I was acting like such a big hotshot.

In addition, Papa ran an ad in SOURMUG MAGAZINE.

It was to be an ongoing saga. But then, the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and my life abruptly changed. The celebration came to an end and the hard work began--shopping for hats and uniforms, then shooting and editing images. Papa and I worked hours every day to get this accomplished. It all started on the evening of September 11, 2001, when Papa came home very angry and frustrated. He said, "Baby, let's take a patriotic image and post it on the internet."

Then we got this mail from a friend of ours who runs a pre-school daycare center:
" Dan
     The kids are upset.  Their security has been shaken. They aren't understanding how the "bad men" could do this to our country.  (Trying to explain this has been very difficult when I am dealing with mostly pre-schoolers.)
     However, they do understand Baby and the American flag.  In some small way it has made them feel that everything is going to be all right after all.
--K "

That mail really inspired Papa and me to make more patriotic images.

SOURMUG posterized my image to be run in the Winter Edition of the magazine.
I told Papa that I wanted to send a personal message to the terrorists.
We felt so bad for the firefighters who lost their lives, we decided to post this image as a tribute to their courage, and their losses.

We felt the same way about the policemen who lost their lives.

The most difficult image to produce has been one that pays tribute to all of the innocent civilians, including small children who were killed by the terrorists. We humbly submit this image as that tribute.
We decided to send a personal message to bin Laden.
We then started getting mail from many others, telling us that we were helping them cope with the horrors of the tragedy. Here are a few examples:

"Dan, the pictures you and Baby are sending each day mean more than either of
you could realize.  Thank you...for giving my spirits a lift each day.
  I love you both!"

"I've been printing Baby's pictures defending our country and posting them all over my cubicle at work.  Everyone comes in and checks out his latest picture.  Thanks for the uplift in this very scary time."

"Thank you again, for the daily smiles, from Baby and from you.  In a real
sense, you are heroes because you give us something to smile about,
some encouragement, and you are doing what you can to help us all to
recover from the horrid hostilities directed at us.  God Bless You!"

So we worked harder than ever to produce more patriotic images. Even Delilah helped in this image showing that she's not afraid to go shopping and rebuild the American economy.

We also wanted to pay tribute to our military, as well as to the friendship of our allies.

We also paid tribute to the unsung heroes--the FBI and other intelligence officials who are fighting the war against terrorism within our country.
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