Baby The Flying Ace

(Music on the page performed and recorded by Dan Atcheson)


(Animation by Kerrie Batcho)

I always wanted to fly in combat, but in order to do this, I had to join the Army Air Corps and attend boot camp. 
After graduation, I proudly wore my airman's hat.

And I boldly mounted my trusty fighter plane to do battle.


(Image by Kerrie Batcho)

Here's an image of me scoring his first air victory. I'm very good in a dog fight, since I'm a bulldog. 

But flying is not all fun! There's a lot of standing at attention when the commander comes near.
And a lot of marching practice.
And digging fox holes.
But sometimes it's fun, especially when the commander isn't watching me!

And I enjoy it when we get to rest from work and training.

And I just LOVE to wear my full-dress uniform!
One of my first battle orders was to attack some enemy shipping. Here's an image of me attacking a freighter.

And here are two images of me attacking an aircraft carrier.

The biggest problem in a war is that the other guy shoots back at you. This anti-aircraft shell hit right in front of my plane! Had the gunner raised the gun just a flea's hair, I wouldn't be here now to tell you about all of this.

In fact, here I am saying "Good luck" to my wingman before he parachutes out of his burning plane.

My next order was to attack an enemy town, and it was hot!

Because of my bravery in combat and my leadership ability, I have just been promoted!

And along with the promotion came my own personal jeep to ride in.


And the increase in pay allowed me to buy my own personal sports car that really attracts the girls!



(Animation by Kent Grubbs)

Because of my patriotism shown on my War Page, I finally got the promotion I deserved!!

I was also honored in Washington, D.C.

On my days off from the military, I fly my papa around in a 1941 WACO UPF-7 bi-plane called the "Carolina Belle."


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