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We've gotten to know some world-class animators. These include Kent Grubbs, Laila Bjerrum and Kerrie Batcho. Here are some of their animations, and a few of Papa's, too
Latest Animation

Mona Lisa, starring BeeBee the Bulldog!
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Spring Has Sprung!

"Let's Play!"

Kent Grubb


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Kerrie Batcho

Kent Grubbs

Kent Grubbs

I met Kent Grubbs at a vet clinic in 1991. He had his dog, Sneakers with him. I told Kent about Baby's website, and he said he was an animator. I didn't even know what that was, until he explained it to me. I gave him a card and asked him to call me. I'd written a children's poem that he might be interested in animating. Since then,  we have worked together on this website and on several Children's Stories that you can view on line.  Look for more animations throughout this website.

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And here's Kent's website:

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