George Goes to Jail
A Rescue Story

I've set up this page to help with bulldog rescue. Yes! Believe it or not, these beautiful creatures are sometimes turned out of their owners' homes. I suppose that just as with any other breed, the owner gets tired of the pet, or it's an inconvenience, or there are health problems, or whatever. It's really a shame, whatever the reason. The dog is taken out of a warm, happy home and is placed into an unfamiliar environment with an unsure future. And more tragically, the dogs sometimes come from extremely cruel and abusive owners.

A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to Bulldog Rescue.

The following poem, written by a dear friend, tells what it's like for one former humane society employee:

by Judy Johannsen
Copyright  2002
Which one lives and which one dies? We ask ourselves each day.
Which ones are cute, which ones are trained? For they will get to stay.
Which one is this with big sad eyes? His owner had no heart.
And this big guy; where’d he come from? He tore the house apart.
This precious tiger kitty, left outside all day?

No food or water anywhere, or so the neighbors say.

This cat won’t use the litter box, his foots infected, too.
The Vet costs too much money, so I brought him down to you.
They leave them here without a care; they turn and walk away.
They leave them here for me to “kill”, that word we should not say.

"Euthanize," the word of choice, which means a painless death. 
I guess we could just make a note; we put your dog to rest.
I hold your pet, I pat his head, I feel his heart beat steady.
He’s six months old, he has to die, God knows he isn’t ready.

He trembles as he looks at me, I have him on the table.
His tail still wags, I look away, to save him, I’m not able.
The look of fear, in your pet’s eyes, will haunt me every day.
Yet I inject the fatal drug that takes his life away.

I must be strong, I must not cry, I shouldn’t speak my mind.
Which one will live, which one will die, how could they call this kind?
A murderer? You’re right, I am. I’ve been one now for years.
I kill your pets, I draw my pay, and cry a million tears.

I’d like for you to think about, the animals; their plight.
Then neuter, spay and keep your pet so I can sleep tonight.


Thank God, there are good people in the world that try to rescue these little sweethearts, and most of them are taking money out of their own pockets to feed, bring back to good health, and place these dogs in good homes.
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A series of e-mails
to Bulldog Groups and Communities on-line,
from the one who rescued Rufus
"The thought of a homeless
and unloved pet makes me sad."

Puppy mills and unethical breeders are the cause of many rescue situations. If you are thinking about purchasing any pet, Click here for some items to think about and questions you should ask a breeder before you make the purchase. And PLEASE, report any abusive breeders to the local authorities!
Papa's first personal experience with bulldog rescue came when he learned that a bulldog pup named Taz had been rescued by two women in Canada. Taz didn't have the use of his front legs, and they needed a device that would allow him to move around.
rescuetaz.jpg (62109 bytes)
That's when Papa built what we call the "Tazmobile." Here are images of Papa building and sending the Tazmobile to Canada.
Taz the Bulldog
Taz made good use of his new vehicle. Here are images sent back to us from Canada. This was a proud and happy moment for us.
I received this note from Sandy, Taz's mom.

In August 2008, Tazzy was diagnosed with cancer. We had a vacation to Nova Scotia planned and went on a road trip together. Tazzy's last day was with his family, on vacation. He went to the beach, put his wee toes in the ocean, had lots of hugs and kisses and then left this world. Taz was my "heart dog." I loved him so much. I thought you might be interested to know that Taz had a good life and was loved very much by a lot of people. Taz learned to use his legs to walk short distances.

The real heroes are Sandy and her family and friends that rescued and cared for Taz.

Taz on the Beach


Papa gives whatever money he can to help various rescue groups, and I do my part by posing for images used by various rescue groups.


Below are some images of me at the Flea Market Dome in Venice, Florida, helping collect donations for the Suncoast Humane Society: (Click on the Thumbnails for a bigger picture.)

Baby at the Rescue Picnic. 
For his work with Animal Rescue Baby has been invited to participate in many community events.

This image is similar to one that Papa made for the Lone Star Bulldog Club's rescue association.

And this is a picture of me that my Uncle Kent animated to help people find this page and to give what they can to Bulldog Rescue
Please give to Bulldog Rescue!

A woman from Lone Star Bulldog Club rescue association recently told us that they especially had problems placing older bulldogs in homes. To help in this cause, Beethoven (with image magic) posed for this image.

If you have the opportunity to give an older bulldog a home, don't miss your chance. Papa rescued Beethoven when (according to our vet) Beethoven was at least seven years old.

The next five years of Papa's life was filled with joy and love because of this little fellow! And because of this precious little guy, Papa fell in love with bulldogs, and that's why he got me!!! Beethoven passed away in 1998, but he left a lifelong bulldog legacy behind. He is really the genesis of this website. The following poem says it all with regard to his contribution to Papa's life, and the impact he had on the bulldog world.


We've recently rescued an older dog named Zack.
Click Here to read his story!

Here are two bulldog rescue pins we're proud to have:

Here's a memorial for Baby presented by the Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

If you're interested in a rescue bulldog, or in helping this cause, please contact one of the following rescue websites:

Buddies Thru Bullies BCA Bulldog Rescue Network
Ethical Bull Breed Rescue & Referral Bulldog Club of Greater Tulsa
Bulldog Rescue in the UK Love-a-Bull Rescue
Bulldog Club of Northern Calif. Bulldogz.com
HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue Cascade Bulldog Rescue
Chunky Trunks Bulldog Rescue Fort Worth Bulldog Club
Heart of America Bulldog Club Kipataki Bulldogs
Lone Star Bulldog Rescue Mother Lode Bulldog Club-Rescue
On the Rebound Adopt-A-Bull Rescue
Bulldog Haven NW Petfinder.com
Phoenix Bulldog Club RainbullBullies.com
Smokey Mountains Bulldog Club Waggin Tails Rescue
Bully for You Bulldog Rescue Long Island Bulldog Rescue
Northern Illinois Bulldog League Rescue Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Bulldog Club of Metropolitan Atlanta
Illinois English Bulldog Rescue 4 Bulldogs
Detroit Bulldog Rescue English Bulldog Rescue of Georgia
English Bulldog Rescue of Georgia  

Please contact me if you have a rescue website that I can add to this list. Right now, we have to confine this to English bulldogs and French bulldogs. I wish we had the room to post every rescue site for pets.  woodsculptor@comcast.net

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