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The Reason for the Season

By Daniel Atcheson        Copyright 2001

I'll never forget that one Christmas eve
When loved ones gathered 'round a huge Christmas tree
With lights turned down low, the fireplace burned bright
And love warmed the chill of that cold wintry night

The grownups shared stories with laughter and smiles
But I wasn't listening, as a child of five
A record was playing; a "seventy-eight"
It caught my attention; I thought of my fate

Gene Autry's "Santa is Coming to Town"
Made me aware that my sins had been found
Why Santa knows all, I held him in awe
And this was my first concept of God

With feverish pitch, the excitement ran high
Someone's reported that Santa's nearby!
The moment of truth! A knock at the door!
Oh goodness, don't lose it! Don't faint to the floor!

In a red velvet suit and pink rosy face
A white flowing beard, and huge pillowcase
As big as a truck, and tall as a door
He jingled some bells and laughed "Ho-ho-ho!"

He entered the house to a welcoming cheer
Hello Santa Clause! We're glad that you're here!
Some of us stood, so bravely and strong
But one child did scream, and ran to his mom

He strolled through the house and up to the tree
And there he stopped, kneeling down on one knee
He beckoned the children to come to his side
And my fears took flight, as his arms opened wide

We'd all tried so hard to be good girls and boys
But our consciences told us we'd not earned a toy
Yet Santa showed mercy, our crimes were excused
He said, "You are good, and I love all of you."

He reached in his pillowcase bulging with toys
One for each girl, and one for each boy
Although we'd been bad, he saw us as nice
And this was my first concept of Christ

He knew us by name; what they say must be true
Santa knows all, yet he's merciful, too
The only requirement for getting a gift
Was believing in him as an innocent kid

So much of my life has changed since those days
I've lived many years and my hair's turning gray
But one thing won't change 'till the day that I die
I'll see God and Christmas through the eyes of a child

Please visit this page, again. We plan to continually update it, and please have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And PLEASE don't forget the reason for the season. The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Christmas Images through the years
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