My beautiful daughter, Tami.

George rips a stinky one and is the only one who thinks it's funny!

Zack says, "I wish she were a bulldog."

It's not my fault. It's always been this way for me. LOL

Celebrating ninth birthdays a McDonald's. A burger patty for each boy.

I'm truly blessed. All of my pets get along so well. 

Strangers hesitate to pet George. I think it must be his eyes. LOL

My grandchildren, Sophie and Cole. 

Celebrating the day I was made an honorary Marine.

George has got the most beautiful eyes. And he has long eyelashes, too.

A friend's daughter, Taylor. I can't help but smile back at her when I look at this image.
My first wife, and the mother of my daughter.

Taken in 2004. I like this image.

Our family portrait to be used by the photographer, Cheryl Ziemke in photo competitions. 

Each one of us can make a difference in someone's life. Just a smile at the right time; who knows?

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