(Bulldog of the Month and More)

This is Baby's latest honor. Bulldog's World is a very popular site in the bulldog community, taking over two million hits per month. Thank you, David!

And here's Baby in the Hall of Fame page of the site. I might be wrong, but I have the feeling that Baby's just starting to get warmed up as far as his fame goes. I predict that he'll be more popular in the future that he was when he was alive--somewhat like the Buddy Holly story.

This magazine, based in London will be running a two-page story of Baby's life in January, 2008. Forty thousand readers on the planet will be introduced to my little man. 

If you have one of these lapel pins or any other Baby memorabilia, take good care of it. I don't plan to have any more of these made so they'll be a rare item in the bully community. After I'm gone, my family will auction off items like this and the proceeds will go to different rescue organizations, as well as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Here's an image of my little star taken three days before he went to heaven. 

George knows this is Baby's grave. When I brought Baby home, George was in the lanai and he barked at the black plastic bag, but wouldn't come out into the yard for anything. It was a though he was beckoning Baby to come into the house. But as soon as I lowered Baby into the grave, George went back into the house and when I found him, he had tears in his eyes.

George is still grieving over the loss of his little pal, so every afternoon, I take a break, lie down with him and watch TV while he sleeps on my shoulder, or arm. 

I've tried to explain to George that reinforcements are on the way, but he doesn't understand. BeeBee the Bulldog will be here with us October 4, 2007!

In the meantime, he continues to have the blues, but that will all change in the near future. But he's a tough little fellow. Any bulldog that could survive Hurricane Charley and the intense heat and humidity that followed without any air conditioning has to be one rugged guy. He was really glad to see me when I went to the humane society to rescue him. I'll never regret getting him--I don't know what I'd do without him and Delilah.

Here's the office I use when I'm doing research, or editing without the need for a computer, and this is a typical scene when I'm in there. The stool is for Delilah. My stool isn't in the photo.

Here's Baby being interviewed by the owner of the Dome Flea Market. Baby spent many an afternoon in that playpen collecting donations for the Suncoast Humane Society. I'm so proud that he did so much for so many while he was here. And he's still helping others. If you recall the 8 x 10 oil painting of Baby and Delilah I posted in my last post, the high bid was $202, but the gracious lady sent $250 that went to bulldog rescue. Her name is Mie Larson and the painting will be hung in her restaurant in Denmark. God love you, Mie. 

And he, as well as George will continue helping all walks of life. This is an animation Kent made to teach kids taking algebra about the Golden Rule of Equations. It says, "Do unto one side of the equation as you do unto the other." This a one of the keystones in algebra. If you don't understand this concept, you'll have problems understanding the subject. 

This is one of my favorite images of Baby and me. My tee-shirt has an image of Baby as pilot in a jet plane.

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