(Baby, the Legend)

What you see above was run in the September 2007 issue of the Bulldogger Magazine. As you can see, Baby had a wonderful and amazing life and he did so much for so many. I mean this from the bottom of my heart: When I give Baby the credit, that's exactly to whom I'm giving it. I did the photography, typing, etc., but without Baby I'd have had absolutely nothing at all. So he gets and deserves ALL of the credit for what he did.

In Baby's accolades mentioned above, there's no mention of a new children's story that Kent Grubbs, I, and several others are working on titled "The Little Dog That Died." We started this only a few weeks ago and it will bring peace and comfort to anyone who's lost a pet. This is just one page out of the story. I'll let you know when the story is ready for you to view.

Now that probably half of you are crying, I think Baby would rather you smile, so I'm going to show you some fun images most of you have never seen, before.

Baby was so good about wearing hats and costumes, but it cost me some doggy treats. And when he grew weary of a photo shoot, there was nothing in the world that I could do to get him to face the camera.

This is one of my favorites. He was quite a clown when he wanted to be.

He loved to visit Patriots' Park, where he was once a Guest of Honor at a Veterans' Day ceremony.

This was the beginning of building Baby's uniform. He loved that coat.

This was the final uniform. What most people don't know is that all of the brass on his uniform and hat came from the former Soviet Union. I found a guy at a flea market who came from the Ukraine and he sold items like this. Baby really was proud to wear the entire outfit.

Here's what Baby wore to any dressy or important occasion. He didn't like harnesses, but when I pulled this one down off the hook, he knew whatever we were about to to was going to be fun.

Baby loved to play, and sometimes, he could get pretty rough with me, but I loved every minute of it.

But there were also some quiet moments we spent together.

These two truly loved one another. I knew that Delilah was the cat I'd been praying for when she rubbed her side against Baby's nose, the first time they met.

And this page wouldn't be complete without George, whom I love so dearly. He's also good about wearing hats and clothes.

And he's such a gentle little fellow. He even shares his food with Delilah.

And finally, here's BeeBee the Bulldog! Believe me; she's going to be famous, someday.

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