(BeeBee, a Future Legend)

She's already making her mark in the world!


This little jewel is as sweet as she looks. I love her so very much! BTW, some of you thought that I'd gotten married because I kidded around, saying that I had a new ring on my left hand. I am NOT married. 

Can you tell that I'm proud of BeeBee? I can't wait until Oct. 4 when she'll come home with us.

She's almost housebroken. She'll go to the back door and that means she needs to go out and take care of business.

And moments later.....
Notice her tail. It's just like Baby's.

She's gifted with a face that people will love. 

Sniffing the air in her brand new world.

This is the first animation Kent made for BeeBee. Thank you, Kent!

I believe that much of Baby's success came from the fact that he was of service to so many. BeeBee will begin her service to mankind when she hits our door. Here's her collar and an image of lapel pins I've ordered to be placed on the collar to help bring awareness of breast cancer victims. 

Here's BeeBee and her brother, Dozer. For now, I'm keeping the name of the breeders a secret. There are a lot of bad people in the world who are willing to break into a home to steal bulldog pups. 

This is a rare one--Baby in the Tampa Tribune. I wish I'd have gotten this image before I had the paper laminated.

This is another favorite memory--breaking county rules by taking Baby to a public beach. Some old geezer saw us and said, "That's against the law." I responded, "Frankly, I don't give a damn, sir."

And here's George posing in the derby that made Baby famous. 

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