(BeeBee, The First Week With Us)

Here's BeeBee giving me a hello kiss. She didn't know it, but she was about to leave her crib and come home to a big, wide world.

Here we are posing together. I discovered that her collar was too big for her, but she'll grow into it in a very short span of time. The shirt I'm wearing was given to me as a gift from the Commandant of the local Marine Corps League. I'm very proud of this shirt and the honor that came with it. 

And here's her first car ride. I was as nervous as a new father taking a newborn baby home with me. BeeBee came out MACS Bulldogs in Sarasota. Stu Wagner glued her ears before the left and it made her look like a lion cub. The glue will be removed in the near future and it will create the rose petal ears that you want in a bulldog.

Her first time out in the back yard.

We're so fortunate that George is such a sweet, mellow guy. BeeBee enjoys biting his jowls, ears and toes. George is a rescue, and such a blessing to this household.

Ah, and here's the cat! What fun!

She seems friendly enough. 

She tastes good, too. LOL Delilah, as George, is a very gentle kitty and she love bulldogs.

It's amazing how much BeeBee is like Baby. As a pup, he started doing his business on the green mat you see in this image when he couldn't get outside when he needed to. She started using it too, shortly after her arrival. 

She learns new tricks quickly, too. George is showing her how to burp out loud. LOL

It's amazing to watch her discover the world. Here, she sees a bulldog and tries to make friends. 

I wonder why this bulldog doesn't want to play?

BeeBee loves to make a mess with her water bowl.

She loves to go for a morning car ride.

Delilah says, "Papa, this bulldog is from hell!" LOL

Delilah is defending herself with an closed paw--no claws. She's a little sweetheart. 

Every once in a while, she'll take a nap. I put a bell on her collar to help me figure out where she is going. She's a very illusive little pup and into everything in the house.


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