(BeeBee, a Blessing and a Wart)

A photo taken on 10/21/07

I can see the future, here. BeeBee's going to be an awesome bulldog!

This is one gorgeous pup! Notice the lips and eye shadow. She's from the Cherokee breed line, and the females of that family have soft, gentle faces.

Baby enjoyed sleeping here when he was a puppy.

In time, these two will be great friends.

Here's a photo that a well-known dog magazine has asked permission to publish next January. It's not a "done deal," but she has a very good chance to be in the magazine.

Just as Baby, she'll chew up all of the furniture.

She can really be a pain in the rear for George, but he has never hurt her. 

Nap Time--again.

Some friends and I engineered a nice way for the kids to take a ride, and it can be dismantled in seconds.

George knows to stay out of this argument. 

BeeBee loves a morning ride.

It's a fact. A legitimate Elvis sighting!!!

I'm convinced he'd bite me if he knew what I was asking him to wear. LOL

Another nap.

She's discovered the toy box. BTW, I carved the rattlesnake.

George is getting so old. He's a rescue bully and he's been such a blessing to this family.



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