(BeeBee le BonBon)

Here's BeeBee in the waiting room at Ark Animal Clinic. We went for her vaccinations and to get her micro-chipped.

BeeBee's stage name will be BeeBee the Bulldog! But her registered name is MACS BeeBee le BonBon. Dr. Greenwald came up with the name, and MACS Bulldogs is the breeder.

Dr. Greenwald said, "I like every feature I see in this bulldog--nose, eyes, tail, etc. And she's in perfect health.

He loved BeeBee so much, he took the time to walk her while I filled out the paperwork.

He also sat and held her. I don't think he wanted to give her back to me. 

She was a tired little girl and slept most of the way back home.

She's either sleeping,

or chewing,

or bugging Delilah,

or loving on George,

or terrorizing me!

She's going to be an awesome bulldog!

George is such a good fellow. And I can tell he's falling in love with BeeBee.

Now I know you'll be laughing at this one, but it's not that funny. A few days ago, I had to corral her in the bathroom, and she unrolled an entire roll of paper. It was all over the floor. LOL

This is one very few have ever seen. It was one of the first digital images taken of Baby with a Kodak camera. He's admiring his photograph that I'd recently hung on the wall along with photos of my earlier bulldogs. That wall is now filled with his awards, paintings, drawings and other gifts from friends.


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