(BeeBee is growing)

BeeBee is growing and loving playing with George. He's so gentle with her.

I bought her a pretty hat. Baby would have really loved this little girl.

She grew into this collar so quickly. She's a breast cancer awareness puppy.

Each of my mornings start on a happy note. This is what I see after return to the bedroom after brewing coffee.

And here they are playing tug-of-war.

BeeBee says, "George, do you smell a cat close by?"

These two love to play together. The only thing Delilah gets upset about is when BeeBee bites her tail.

BeeBee's discovered that there's a big and interesting world out there. She does most of our morning rides looking out the window. And George doesn't mind sharing the front of the car with her.

She's going to be a strong bulldog when she grows up.

She can look so serious at times--like a prune-faced little lady.

The kids have plenty of toys. Over the years, I've bought scores of them for the kids.

Here they go again! And George is such a good, gentle fellow.

But there are gentle moments, too.

Has anyone else had this problem with a bulldog pup?

We have one of the greatest locations in Venice. This the view from our back yard. To the left, and not in the photo is a huge forest. It's over 110 yards to our backdoor neighbors. 

Here's my latest project--an amber calcite bulldog. This was a hard stone, but it has been well-worth the effort. There's still a lot of work to be done on the sculpture, but it's good enough to show you the progress. I think it will dazzle you when it's sanded and polished.


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