(More of BeeBee's Life)

Here's BeeBee pinning George down for the three-count with her famous jaw-lock hold.

BeeBee and George have learned to sing duets together, and they're pretty good!

If George isn't in the mood to play, she'll pick up a toy and taunt George to get it from her.

The score is all tied up.

And yo' mama!

The little princess.

She is such a loving puppy.

Mind being my pillow?

BeeBee loves to excavate--just like Baby.

Here are the kids at the "water hole." We have well water here and it doesn't taste very good. 

Now this is some serious play!

We had a cold snap here and the kids snuggled as close as they could. It dropped down to 40 overnight with a high of 60.

Did you say "dinner?"

The look of admiration--

and adoration.

BeeBee often sleeps with her tongue sticking out.

Papa, I see a bulldog in the "box."

Baby is still very popular. No. 4 out of 39,000,000 isn't bad.

And one of the reasons is that he helped others in need. Here he is helping to attract a crowd at the Marine's Toys-for-Tots campaign in 2003.

Here's Baby after a long Toys-for-Tots day.

Here's a virtual painting of Baby by Lauren Mitchell. Thank you, Lauren.

Here's a Christmas card a Baby fan in Thailand made for us. She explained that she placed Baby where he is on the card, since he was in heaven. Thank you very much, Panattha!

Now kids. I hope you've been good. He's real and he's coming to your town, soon! Baby and George got to meet him last year and he's got ways of knowing who's been naughty, or nice. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, go to our Christmas page: Baby's Chistmas Page While you're there, be sure to watch the two TV videos of us.  You'll also enjoy our Christmas Montage.
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Here's a stone of Colorado orange alabaster. It was the biggest stone available of this variety.

And this came out of the stone. She's not finished yet, but I think she's going to look pretty nice.


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