(Our Holidays, 2007)

This is Debbie. She's a waitress at a little cafe where I often eat. She also keeps house for us. She came by Christmas Eve totally devastated because she'd attended a party and one of the guests told her that she didn't have enough class to attend, just because of her livelihood. There was nothing I could say to her to make her feel better, but the kids took over and gave her comfort. In my opinion, "class" is defined by a person's integrity, and by the way they treat others, and Debbie is a very classy woman. Debbie gave me permission to post this on the website. 

I think I might change BeeBee's name from BeeBee le BonBon to BeeBee le Brute! She really can do a number on poor George and he's still gentle with her. What a wonderful little guy.

BeeBee is pretty brutal with other things, too. This is her first encounter with a pine cone. A cautious touch is followed by a cautious smell, then she runs with her prize to a location where she can make a kill.

Here are the kids on a morning ride on Dec. 23.

She gets tired after a while, and that's the signal to go home and get a cookie. 

These two really are in love and love to be close to one another.

At my request, the kids decided to dress up like reindeers. 

And they decided to sing Christmas songs. 

I shed a few tears over the holidays, especially when I went out to Baby's grave to wish him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

But remembering his life makes me smile.

It's a New Year's Day tradition to go visit Kent's family and eat the best chili in the state! It looks like it's about time for me to do my once-a-week shave. LOL 

The brother and sister I'll never meet until I go to heaven.

This is my latest stone sculpture made from orange Colorado alabaster. She's about 8 inches (20 cm) tall. I thank Kent Grubbs for creating this animation of the sculpture.

This is my latest book release. Note the scraper operator. The publisher knows I love my bulldogs, so they always sneak a dog onto the cover of the first edition of each of my books. If you want to read a portion of one of my books, click HERE . It will take a while for the text to load. If you want to see if it's in one of your local libraries, look along the right side and click on "Find This Book in a Library." If you don't find it in your local library, call and request that they order it. Chances are, they will and it will put a can of dog food in our pantry.  

The ISBN Number is 1-57218-007-2


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