(Beginning 2008)

BeeBee is growing up to look like her beautiful mama, Zoe.

The beautiful mama--Zoe. Oh, and Grandma Micki.

These are the neighborhood boys. They're good kids and they're a great help around here. Billy, the eldest will probably play college football, someday. He's only a junior at Venice High School and he's already being scouted by the Univ. of Miami, Univ. of Conn. and the Univ. of South Florida. He can bench-press his own weight (315 pounds, or 143 km) and leg press at least 2700 pounds (1227 km). I say this because the school ran out of  weights for him to press. 

And talk about big. BeeBee's already able to rip things off of the edge of a card table. 

The little princess loves to be wrapped up in a towel, or blanket.

BeeBee and Delilah still love to play together.

Here she is climbing into the bed.

And these are my little heaters during cold weather. We've had some cold weather and I open the windows so the house can cool off enough for the kids to want to snuggle very close during the night.

But the bed is not always a warm, cozy, peaceful place!

We now have some raslin' images.

George is such a good sport.

Ditto! None of you knew this until now, but George's teeth are symmetrical. 

But sometimes, enough is enough!

BeeBee will sometimes cheat at wrestling.

On the other hand, George is a gentleman, as well as a gentle man, and a noble creature.

You can see that these two have grown very close and love to be together.

She's got a gorgeous coat, especially in early or late sunlight.

Here's a new stone that I plan to make into a bulldog. It's called steatite. The original figurine broke, so I glued it together and decided to make something a little more durable and permanent. 

Here's the sculpture in progress on 1/16/08.

Here are two of my best friends. Richard (left) is an underground utility expert and John is an expert on pricing out an entire site. Of course, my bag is estimating earthwork quantities. Were we younger, we could form an awesome and competitive sitework company. 

And here's the man, dressed to the "nines." And even though he's gone, he's still giving. His image is being used (with my permission) to help with bulldog rescue. Look at the next image.


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