(During January 2008)

I took BeeBee to visit with her breeders (MACS Bulldogs) to see if she might do well in shows, and they loved the way she looks. This is Caroline Wilson, president of the Tampa Bay Bulldog Club checking her out.

Here's Stu Wagner showing BeeBee how to stack. The only problem was that she was very submissive with Stu and tended to lie down on her back when he handled her.

So we tried Caroline, and BeeBee stayed on her feet, so it looks like Caroline will show her. We have until February 16 to get her trained, so I've been working with her every day. If any of you live in the Sarasota area, write me and I'll tell you where and when the show will be. You'll witness a gaggle of some of the cutest bulldogs in the state at this show. 

Here she is getting a pedicure, as well as some kisses. 

She is a beautiful bulldog, and I hope she'll do well.

I think this photo shows how truly beautiful she is.

Here she is, being herself and ready for a round of fetch. For the longest time, I couldn't get the ball away from her because she's got great reflexes learned through her raslin' training with George. She's since learned that she has to give me the ball if I'm to throw it for her to run and retrieve it. She's very intelligent.

Here, the kids are peaceful and ready for their daily morning ride. This is the position that BeeBee loves to have so she can look out the window and watch for people, squirrels and birds. 


But if she doesn't get her way, things begin to get a bit tense. BeeBee's wanting the front window seat.

This is followed by an argument.

And a little gentle persuasion by George.

But BeeBee's mind is made up--she wants to ride up in front!

The kids decide to compromise and all is well, again.

But even though these two have occasional disagreements, they love one another very much.

I try to get them to sleep on both sides of me, but they always end up sleeping side by side.

Here's a virtual painting of BeeBee and George by Lauren Mitchell.

Here's a very recent photo of the little princess and me.

Here's my latest stone sculpture. The stone is steatite. 

And here's my little man.

This is a recent MSN search engine screen capture for "baby." No. 33 out of 539,000,000 sites ain't bad.

After recently learning that I now have 105,041 books in print, I decided to get a glamour tag and this is what it will look like. The number of sales would have been much higher, had construction not taken a downturn in the past several months. When I worked as a construction laborer years ago, had someone told me of the future, I'd have thought they'd lost their minds. I am still in disbelief that this has taken place and I'm eternally grateful to the Lord. I have one more book that I've co-authored that will probably be ready for publication next July, and it looks like that might be my last one. 


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