(God's Own Bulldog)

Here's a magazine story about Baby that might be his last public accolade. But if this is so, then it's got to be one of his greatest, because it will tell his life's story to over 40,000 readers worldwide who've never seen his website. It was published by The Dog Collection, a magazine based in London. Each month, they do a magazine on a specific breed, and within each publication, they award the "Top Dog" position to a dog that led an unusual life and helped others during his or her lifetime. The magazine contacted me months ago and asked me to write his story. But they came up with the title, "God's Own Bulldog," and I think this was the most fitting title that could be given to the story. I do believe that Baby was sent here on a mission, and when it was completed, God wanted His little boy back. 

If you want a magazine, go to http://www.the-dog-collection.co.uk/dog-shop/shop.asp and order Issue No. 53. I will cost around $4.00, plus shipping.  

Baby especially loved working with the U.S. Marine Corps. He knew exactly where we were going when I'd ask, "Baby, do you want to go see those Marine fellows?"

Bad to the bone!

My little "Devil Dog!"

This is a Marine platoon (one of the first to go into Iraq) that asked permission to use Baby as their internet mascot. I was honored and thrilled at the request.

Guest of Honor-Veterans' Day, 2003. I was so proud of my little boy!!!

What can I say? Once a Marine; always a Marine.

Watch this for a while. Kent Grubbs, through his animation genius, brought my little fellow back to life. Thank you, Kent.

I plan to continue the Marine Corps tradition starting next Christmas, when BeeBee will be helping with the Toys-for-Tots campaign. BTW, the family tradition continues. The Venice Area Chamber of Commerce contacted me and requested that I bring the kids downtown for a photo shoot in front of a popular gazebo. A photo similar to this will be placed in the chamber's 2009 visitor guidebook. We were honored to help out.


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