(BeeBee's First Show)

This was the show ring and BeeBee's first dog show held in Sarasota by the Tampa Bay Bulldog Club on February 16, 2008.

She was such a good girl. This is the first time she's ever been crated, and she was quite comfy.

Here's Caroline Wilson, president of the TBBC trying to get BeeBee to "stack." She's one of BeeBee's breeders and you can just feel her love for BeeBee in the photo.

Here's the little princess on the ramp.

I was so proud of her. She didn't win anything, but that was my fault for not working with her more before the show. 

But we had a ball and met a lot of nice people and bulldogs.

George went with us and he was very popular. Many had already met George on Baby's website.

So he was quite an attraction and treated like a star. Here he is with Stu Wagner, one of BeeBee's breeders.

Here's one of George and me. I have a stye in my right eye from the fine dust that's produced from sculpting stones. I get them quite often. I wear protective glasses, but some of the dust is fine as talcum powder. I'm aware that my lungs are also being affected, even though I run a powerful fan and wear a respirator. I'll probably die relatively young because of this, but I'm hooked and can't stop fooling around with stone.

BeeBee's getting a head start with fame. Here she is in a magazine called Bulldogs, published by Dog Fancy Magazine. Most big pet shops sell the magazine and you might want to get your own copy. It might be a collector's item in the bulldog community, someday. 

This is why it might be a collector's item. BeeBee is associated with Baby, so she's already promised fame in the future. Above is a recent search engine capture for "baby." No. 193 out of one billion, 800 million websites isn't a bad ranking. The population of the United States is only around 300 million souls.

I did the best I could to let Baby see his story in the Dog Collection Magazine. The little plush toy was wrapped in each magazine in a plastic wrapper. 

I told the kids our next children's story would be an opera, titled "The Bulldogs of Venice." They immediately began to practice their parts. As you can tell, they're both hitting some very high notes.

Try to find the real bulldog. The spots on the carpet are from Baby. The only time I ever gave him a big swat on his butt upset him so much, he began to hyperventilate and he spent the night in the emergency room, so he pretty much got away with anything he wanted from then on. A box, pile of paper, etc. left on the floor was fair game to him for hike his hind leg on. 

We often feel his presence here.

Here's a very recent photo of the three of us.

The kids sleeping in the lanai.

Here's a fuss over a toy that Dottie Stephenson sent from England. Thanks, Dottie.

Here they are, early in the morning on a cold day.

Here's the entire family. It took forever to install the kitty steps for Delilah. On the right is a cigar store indian in progress. I need to get back to finishing him. I just lost interest. 

BeeBee loves to play with this ball.

Here's a stone to sculpt. I wonder what's inside of it that wants to come out? This is orange Colorado alabaster. 

Here's what was inside of the gorgeous gemstone. Comparing my sculptures with others on the internet, this little fellow is worth around $8000 to $10,000. I made a decision long ago that if my book royalties were so low that I couldn't make ends meet, I'd borrow from my retirement fund, rather than get an 8-5 job. I'd still come out ahead in the future if I continue to be a stone sculptor. 


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