(St. Patrick's Day and Easter)

We wish everyone a Happy Easter! I thank Laila Bjerrum in Denmark for creating this.

This is a "must read" for all fashion-conscious lady bulldogs.

Said by a Roman soldier after the crucifixion.

We also wish all a great St. Patrick's Day!

BeeBee had an accident. She snagged a toenail and had to have it removed. It's the sore one on her left foot.

Here's the little Princess taken in available morning light.

Here's another one. This almost looks like a painting. She's like Baby. The color of her coat changes with the type of light she's in.

Here's George ready to settle in for a long nap.

And BeeBee decides to join him. The Baby items on the window sill might be worth a lot of money someday. He's still a Bulldog legend and an icon.

This search widens the field way beyond "bulldogs." No. 32 out of 55,600,000 sites isn't bad at all. I have an ulterior motive for showing things like this. I've saved a lot of Baby's memorabilia and someday after I'm gone, my family has been instructed to keep what they want, and the remainder is to be donated to bulldog rescue.

BeeBee sure knows how to wake George when she's ready to play.

I've learned the hard way to keep my valuables away from the edge of the table! BeeBee's a little thief!

Here's the little Princess lying in the yard. I love this photo. The vet doubted her toenail would grow back, but it looks like it is. 

And I love the color in this one.

Here's another toy BeeBee loves. This one came from England.

She's got very good eyes and she loves to watch for critters during our morning rides.

Here we are just enjoying a sunny morning.

I think she's a gorgeous bulldog!

Again, her coat color depends on the available light.

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