(Spring Has Sprung)

Here's my drum set in 1966. I could (and still can) play the song you're listening to now. It's not as hard to play the song as you might think. I've still got my fast hands, too. I can almost always catch a fly if he lands in an unobstructed area where I can take a swing at him without breaking other things. I once aspired to be in quick-draw competitions with a Smith & Wesson 38, but when I discussed the idea with a guy who managed a gun range, he told me that if the gun ever went off before clearing the holster, I could be crippled for life, and worse, I could compromise my manhood. After hearing that, I didn't have to think twice about forgetting the idea.

But here's the famous one on the music scene.

Here's a "virtual" painting by Lauren Mitchell. I love her work.

Here's the little princess. I'm afraid she's no longer a puppy, except in her heart.

She's aging beautifully.

What a profile on this chunky little girl.

She's a happy kid, and I've never heard her bark. She'll grow into those long legs.

This is our home. It's not fancy, but it's all we need except for more shelves to display my sculptures. That's the big forest behind the house, providing us with great privacy and an abundance of wildlife.

Here's BeeBee lounging under my stone sculpting table. Don't worry. It's a very stout and strong table. 

Attack dog! She's coming after me!

What a mug! A photo hint for "petographers": Get down to their level, even if you have to lie on your belly in the dirt.

Early morning. Time to rise and shine guys.

This is one of her favorite toys. 

This IS her favorite toy. 

This is another toy. Baby once did the same thing to Delilah. Just being a bully and bumping the cat, just to show who's boss. 

Getting a tan on a cool Spring afternoon.

Enjoying a morning ride.

I give the kids apple bites while I'm eating. That way, they feel like they're enjoying dinner with me. BeeBee can get a little pushy, especially when she can tell that I'm almost done eating. 

For all practical purposes, I've finished my last two books and they're on the editor's desk, so I'm keeping busy with two new sculptures. This is going to be a marble cat.

Here's another one for the future. This is malachite and it's a dangerous stone. I'll have to wear a moon suit while doing it. If you grind it, creating fine dust particles, the stone contains arsenic and tiny fibers that can cause terrible things to happen to you. 

I got this photo off the internet. It's malachite after polishing. Can you see why I'm willing to go to a lot of trouble to sculpt this stone? 

Here's my latest sculpture. This is orange Colorado alabaster and it's a gem of a stone. I'm not thrilled with the tail, but that's all the room the stone had for me. 

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