(BeeBee's Becoming a Woman)

The little princess has the blues. She went into heat in late April, 2008, and life's been a little difficult for her. Of course, George loves it, but thankfully, he's been neutered. Between the two of them the furniture throughout the house is rearranged on a daily basis.

Here's what I'm talking about.

This is a virtual painting by Lauren Mitchell. She sells paintings like this using Baby, BeeBee or George as a model. She has my permission to use them. She was faced with a $15,000 vet bill and this is helping her.

Here's one she did of BeeBee. Write to me if you'd like to contact Lauren.

We have a lot of male Baby fans, so this one is for all the fellows. Her name is Bonnie and she's the daughter of a dear friend. Don't write to me if you want to contact Bonnie. LOL

This is Baby the Bulldog being presented as the Guest of Honor at the Strawbully Cluster Show in Lakeland, FL in 2003. Later in his life, he was the GOH at a Veterans' Day Ceremony in Venice, FL. His last GOH was at the Wags-for-Wishes show in Weeki Wachi Springs for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2006. This was the only photo taken at the exact second of his introduction at the Lakeland event. It was captured by Debbie Robinson from a great distance. Even though it's pixelated, I wouldn't trade having it for anything. Just look at our smiles! And Baby knew his was the center of attention. After his introduction, they had to stop the show so that people could go out into the lobby to meet him and have their photos taken with him. He was already a famous dog before we attended the show. We had to hide in the hotel until he was introduced, since it was to be a surprise for the attendees. But as he was being introduced, and before we entered the arena, many in the crowd guessed who the GOH was going to be because of the description of his contributions to mankind and dog. 

And these are my grandchildren, Cole and Sophie. I'm very proud of them and they're good kids.

Here's a good profile shot of the princess.

Here's a recent search engine I captured. No. 4 out of one billion, 500 million isn't bad. I'm still amazed and grateful that this has happened for the little fellow. 

Here's a photo that a friend recently sent to me. It was taken at a puppy match by Jennifer Wolfgang a few years ago. I'd forgotten that it had been taken. Thank you, Jennifer.

BeeBee loves the bed, and she's always to last to rise and shine.

Sometimes, her bottom teeth stick out, and I think she's beautiful.

I recently discovered this one. I'd forgotten I'd photographed the entire article. At the time when the article was written, we'd ended up on a blog site, and we were taking a tremendous number of hits each day.

It's fun to get up in the mornings around this home.

After breakfast, we're all off for a ride. This the highlight of their day.

A bulldog has a hundred faces. BeeBee looks pretty mean in this one. The reality is that she's concerned about having to stop excavating the yard. 

She loves to lie in the sand in the evening. 

This is BeeBee's innocent look, but I'm not fooled. 

She loves to lie under the stone table. I don't know why, but when I fire up the loud compressor, both dogs come out to watch me work on a stone. I've been working on a marble cat, and it's hard as a rock.

Here's George in his costume for an opera we're working on titled "The Bulldogs of Venice." You can see what we've done so far at: Bulldogs of Venice

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