(Brother Mike's Visit)

My older brother Mike came for a visit in early May, 2008. We had a great five days together.

Two Norwegian-Americans eating at Sharkey's. You can see the pier in the window reflection.

Here's a "virtual" painting by Lauren Mitchell. Thank you, Lauren.

BeeBee's instigating the love dance these two do every afternoon. She starts it by taunting George with a toy.

Our first record, cut in 1965. It wasn't a hit, but it was an exciting and fun time.

One side of the record was revived and cut on this album, produced in the Netherlands a few years ago. Our band is on the album cover.

This is our story written on the back album cover. 

Here's a wood sculpture I had to leave in Texas when I moved to Florida. I'm having it shipped here in the near future. I do want to finish this one.

It's a huge one--at least 6 feet (2 meters) tall and weighs around 250 pounds (114 kg.).

Here's Delilah in her bed.

BeeBee loves her kitty.

She also loves George, and the feeling is mutual.

My eyes are like mood rings. They can vary from blue to hazel to steel gray, depending on my mood. If gray, stay away. 

Here are the kids singing and practicing their parts for the opera. 

Here we are in front of our freedom pillar at Patriots' Park.

Here's Kent Grubbs creating a new opera page. If you'd like to know why I'm smiling so much, check out http://www.bullybaby.com/bulldogs_of_venice/bov4.htm


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