I write books for a living. And that's what I say to anyone who asks me what I do. Using the word "author" in public seems a bit rich for this country boy from Texas. We're not wealthy, but we have everything we need  and I can work at home with the kids and that's good enough for me. I have over 95,000 books in print. To my knowledge, the roofing book is a required state license exam book in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee and Illinois. There might be more states that have adopted it, but these are the ones I'm sure of.

I've had a lot of help making the deadlines.

And it's not always fun.

This game of independence and risks started in my back yard  in 1981. I wrote much of my first book over a card table under a shady pecan tree in the back yard with only paper, a pen and a calculator. You can read the entire story at 
Dan's books

Early on, I tried to keep up with where the first book was selling, but I gave up when cities and entire states began to run together.

I have another book on earthwork and heavy construction equipment that will be kicked out the door next November. This will be the first technical book to use a few toy images. Here's an animation that Kent Grubbs made using two of the toys I purchased to be used in the book. New frontiers--that's what thrills me. 

There's a good reason why I captured this image. I'm writing another book on the subject of fences and retaining walls. 

We've put hundreds of miles on the Jeep, finding fence images to shoot. I really feel paranoid and suspicious when I stop to get an image while people are in the house. Perhaps I should get a bicycle, black dress pants, white shirt, black tie and a Bible. Go knock on the door, and while the homeowners are hiding, get the shot. LOL

I use search engines to see what search topics will find Baby's website. If he's not in the top ten, I don't usually look any further. But I'm proud of this one, especially when you consider all of the different type of bulldog sites are out there. I often thank God for our our successes, and for each day He's loaned me my pets, family and friends. 

Now, for some fun stuff. Some pet images!

Two little ol' ladies on their way to the beauty parlor for their weekly bouffants.

But where shall I sleep, boys?

On a mission.

Zack's been gone for almost two years, and I still miss him very much. He snored so loud that oftentimes during phone conversations, the other party would ask what that noise was in the background. I'd hold the phone near Zack and that would bring a lot of laughter into the conversation.

Again, the page would not be complete without a cameo appearance made by Delilah.

News Flash! 

We got a new rescue on 6/14/07. Her name is Kada (like Kay) and she's five years old. A local resident knocked on the door this morning and asked if she could have a home. The lady has allergies and had to give her up. 

Here's our first photo taken with Kada.

Our first car ride together.


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