Here's our new car, and Baby insisted on giving it a test drive. It's a 2003 with 15,100 miles. It's the GT model with a sun roof that I just love. It was exactly the car I wanted--right color, sun roof, etc., and it arrived at the Toyota dealership the day I called a salesman friend, telling him what I was looking for.

The boys were a little uncomfortable riding in the seats, so I spent Saturday afternoon at C.T. Woodcrafting while they built some platforms for the boys.

A Bulldog has a thousand faces.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime capture! The very instant that it happened. I think you can tell what just happened and you can see George's reaction to the unpleasant surprise.

Baby was in the top 100 last evening. Just try doing a search for "Dan." Ten thousand pages later, you'd still be looking for me.

Here's the grand old man, resting after a good dinner.

And here's his partner in crime. This is George; a product of Hurricane Charley.

I finally got a ring I've wanted for quite some time. I'm proud to be a member of this group. Our motto was "Of God and Womanhood," and you STOOD when a lady walked into the room.  After graduation, I walked away from the fraternity life, but perhaps I'm finally going through a mid-life crisis, because I'm now involved with the organization, again.

Here's Zack. He died almost two years ago. Kent Grubbs brought him back for a cameo roll as "Yoga" in the new "Spacebus" children's book. 

And here's Kada. I loved this girl, but she didn't get along with the boys very well. She's found a wonderful home in North Port, FL with a family that recently lost their bulldog and it's a one-dog home, which is what she needed.

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