(Baby the Ambassador)

The proof is in the pudding. Two search engines prove this.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Baby, the ambassador. In this gathering, as always, most of the children were terrified at first. Then one or more kids that were familiar with the breed would come and hug him. This would be followed by a few more of the brave ones in the crowd, and before it was all over, every little guy and gal wanted to hug  and pet Baby.

Baby especially loved children and he knew to be gentle with them. Baby  posed with this little girl to help bring attention to hurting children. The little girl at one time had the worst form of arthritis. Her grandmother told me recently that the disease is in remission and it seems the child is now cured!

Many in the crowd gasped when Baby approached this little boy. Then fear changed to adoration as Baby and the little fellow hugged and kissed. Again, Baby was educating the public about English bulldogs.

Once again, as the crowd sees how gentle Baby is, they all want a hug from him.

Here's Baby making new friends while he was collecting donations for the Suncoast Humane Society. 

It was always fun to see the fascination that children held for Baby.

After meeting Baby, anyone trying to pass any ordinance against English bulldogs in Venice would not get very far. Baby actually got to go into City Hall to have his photo taken with the mayor and city councilmen. 

And any ordinance would be squashed by the Sarasota county commissioners.

The little boy was a little intimidated by Baby, at first, but as you can see, he realized how good both of my boys are.

Baby is actually No. 2 and 3 in this search engine. It's incredible and a thrill to find things like this.


And the show wouldn't be complete without an animation that Kent Grubbs created.

This will be kept as a mystery, for now. 

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