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I am so proud of my Papa. He likes to beat up on wood blocks until something beautiful comes out.             
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Papa started carving in 1985.  Below is an image of his first carvings (the little Madonna was his very first).


carvingsdan04.jpg (32445 bytes)


1991-1992 Taught at Sarasota County Vo Tech

Judging at the Sarasota County Fair


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Lincoln in Chair - 2004

Papa entered his work in only three art shows over a five-year period. After that, he was selected to be the wood carving judge at the Sarasota County Fair, which has been the greatest honor bestowed upon him as a wood carver. But because of this, he has not been able to enter into competition since 1990. Here are his ribbons:

I have developed Excel Files to download to help you with carving projects..

Helps you determine the optimum block size 
for a sculpture if you're using a figurine as a guide. 
Click Here to download the file.


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