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Basswood  8" tall

Yellow Cedar  5" Tall
 About 3" Long
Basswood Bulldog - About 3" Long
About 11" Long
Walnut Bulldog - About 11" Long
 About 6" Tall
Basswood - About 6" Tall
 About 8" Tall
Basswood - About 8" Tall

Crouching Bulldog in Butternut.  About 5-1/2" long.

Cat in Basswood. 10-1/2" Long

(Bulldog Rugby Player) Basswood. 7.5" tall. (2003)

The following is a series of progress images of the only carving Papa did in 2003. Papa used a Robert Harrop figurine as a guide.

Click on the small images below.

Papa draws a front and profile view of the carving before taking the block to the band saw.

Here's what the piece looks like after sawing.

Now the fun part starts--shaping the carving.

Here's the completed piece!

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