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Starring Baby, Delilah and Zack!

Delilah the Cat !

This is a love story about an big, "mean" English bulldog named Baby and an American cat named Delilah. If you think that an English bulldog is ferocious and hates cats, then perhaps this will change your mind.

Delilah was a rescue kitty that came into our world January 11, 2001, and she's been a God-send to Baby and to me. Things were a bit shaky, at first, before the two got to know one another. Baby was very curious about her. She was somewhat aloof. 

But time brought the two together
in a loving relationship.

But as many couples, they had their little problems, like "these are my things," or "this is my territory."

Sometimes, Baby would get a little "fresh" with Delilah,

and she would quickly
set him in his place!
And things got very serious when Delilah thought she'd caught Baby
fooling around behind her back!
It got very serious! In fact, Delilah left for a few days to visit her mother and think things over. Baby and I were both beside ourselves with worry and concern!


When she returned, Baby smoothed things over the way most men do.

He's a smart bulldog.

And she forgave him for something he'd really never done, and they "made up."

They're now the best of friends.

And their favorite game is "chase!"


Delilah loves the fact that Baby is so famous.
Baby is Delilah's idol!

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