(A Victim of Hurricane Charley)

This is the newest member of our family. His name is George and he was surrendered to the Suncoast Humane Society after his owners lost their home during Hurricane Charley. This is the first image I took of George on August 21, 2004. He was well taken care of, and was issued an afghan to sleep on. When he saw me, he started barking as if to say: "I'm innocent! Bail me out of this place!"

While the humane society was putting his walking papers in order, Debi Drake, a dear friend who runs the shelter, posed with George and me. At that time, they had around 300 dogs, many of which were hurricane victims. Their website is if you'd like to help out. The organization is responsible for distributing money, food and other goods to shelters throughout the county.

I took George to the vet, first thing, and he was given a clean bill of health by Dr. Robert Greenwald. Just to be on the safe side, George was given his vaccinations. George is six years old and weighs 62 pounds (28 kg).

Here's the first image of George taken after we got home. He's difficult to photograph, because he wants to be next to me all the time, so he doesn't stay still for very long.


But every once in a while, he settles down for a little "shut-eye".

George decided to run for Political Office

George making a stump speech.
George faced fierce competition. One is decorated war veteran and the other a famous astronaut.


On the campaign trail,  George dons sunglasses to disguise himself  from the paparazzi!


George Wins!!

George celebrates victory! But he doesn't let the win go to his head. He has asked both his opponents to join his cabinet and the three of them have become fast friends.

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Having three bulldogs has really enriched my life. And of all the things that Baby has done that I am proud of, sharing his home with two rescue dogs has been his finest hour.

George passed from my loving arms into God's at 11:30 P.M., March 6, 2010. Howie, BeeBee and I were at his side when he passed away, and BeeBee was licking his face as he took his last breath. He was a blessing to the family and he took a piece of my heart to heaven with him when he went. And when I get to heaven, he'll give it back to me.

I always treated George the same way I treated Baby. I showed no favoritism. George went everywhere Baby went and as a result, he rode alongside Baby in the Venice Holiday Parade, was in two TV commercials and shared the stage when Baby was presented as the Guest of Honor at Make-A-Wish Foundation® show at Weeki Wachee Springs, FL.

George later gained fame on his own, co-starring in many of Baby's children's stories and becoming the famous and lovable "Grumpy George" through his videos on Facebook. George became a poster child for bulldog rescue by showing that a rescue can be a blessing and make tremendous contributions to families, as well as the world. The world loves you George and you'll never be forgotten. Papa loves you, sweetheart.