More Baby Photos

I was born May 18, 1998, and Papa took me to my new home eight weeks later, after I gave my mama a goodbye kiss. Her name is Jenny's  Shelby of Samsted.


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BABY WITH MAMA (Jenny's Shelby of Samsted)


My father is CH (Champion) Lyerly's Lil'l C-Zar.


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Papa and I hit it off right away. He was very gentle with me.


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I soon (too soon) grew from a puppy into a young bully.


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Throughout my life, Papa has taken many photographs of me, but the fun began when he purchased a digital camera. Papa followed me everywhere in hopes my catching me doing something cute (What a challenge!).


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Or, when I'm just being my old handsome self.



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Or, when I've got the blues.


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Back to my Mama. I did get to see her again when I was about a year old. She looked beautiful!


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During my visit, I got to see my new half-brother and sisters. They were also beautiful!


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If you'd like to get to know my papa, just click on the Papa's Page line below. But before you leave, don't forget to look at Beethoven's page, if you'd like to see the the little bully who caused Papa to become totally nuts about bulldogs. 

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