Papa and I have always had a lot of fun together, regardless of what we are doing, but the following images bring back the greatest and proudest moments of our lives as a team:

In early September, 2001, Delilah and I were chosen by Sourmug Magazine  to be on a 2002 calendar distributed to everyone who attended the 2001 bulldog Nationals. We had made it to the "Big Show" in the bulldog world! Here's what the calendar looked like:

A few months later, my posterized image appeared in the magazine.

Arlie Toye, the publisher of Sourmug Magazine also printed the image on stationery. 

Another great honor was having my image printed on tee shirts for the Lone Star Bulldog Club to help raise money for bulldog rescue.

Our first big personal honor was being invited to a HUGE bulldog show in Lakeland, Florida, as the Guest of Honor. We got to go the the center of the show ring and I was recognized for my work in patriotism, bulldog rescue and my contributions to society and the bulldog community as a goodwill ambassador of the breed.

(Photo by Debbie Robinson)

We thank Toni and Keith Stevens for making this possible. Keith was the Ring Master and Toni was the Show Secretary (upper left). We also got to pose with my human grandparents, Jennifer Stone and Linda Lyerly (upper right). I was tuckered out after all the attention and excitement, so I got to bed early and didn't move a muscle all night long. Toni and Keith gave us the little plate as a souvenir of this wonderful event.

Another tremendous moment was when my photograph was published on the cover of Business Section in the Sunday edition of The New York Times Newspaper! The paper offered us a fee, but Papa refused, saying there would be no charge for such a great honor and opportunity to be introduce me to the world. 

Another great honor was being adopted via the internet as a mascot of a U.S. Marine platoon stationed in Iraq:

My greatest honor was being invited as the Guest of Honor at the Veterans' Day ceremony at Patriots' Park, Venice, Florida, in 2003.

Papa was so impressed with the beauty and reverence of Patriot's Park, he bought a Freedom Pillar along Freedom Walk at the park. A bronze plaque with our names was embedded into the vertical face of the stone! We're very proud of this, and it will remain for a long time as a reminder that Papa and I worked as a team in Venice, Florida. Click on this link to view more images taken at Patriots' Park: Patriots Park Images You'll enjoy your tour! That's a promise!

Another tremendous honor was getting to meet U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Harris. In fact, I got a little kiss from the sweet and gracious woman! We met her at the Marine Corps annual kickoff party for the Toys-for-Tots campaign. 

Here's another lovely event that took place in our lives, together. We were on the Annette Scherman TV show, "Community," aired December 21, 2003.

On April 26th, 2005, the Sarasota County Commissioners honored us by allowing us to pose with the entire group. These are wonderful people, and great leaders of the community.

On July 12th, 2005, the Venice City Council also posed with Baby. Once again, we were honored with more wonderful leaders of our community.

To date, our proudest moment was having Baby presented as the Guest of Honor at the 2nd annual Wags-for-Wishes event, sponsored by the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Northern and Central Florida, held on October 21, 2006. Here's the award that was presented to Baby. You can read more about this event at our Bulldogs Helping Children page.

This next honor came right out of the blue. Baby was selected to be the Bulldog of the Month for the English Bulldog Owners' Club.

Congratulations to Dan A. from Florida, owner of the FAMOUS bulldog, Baby. Here is an image of Baby the Bulldog sleeping outside. What a darling boy. Baby has a great website. Visit www.bullybaby.com, and be sure to thank his owner Dan for all his charity work WITH Baby. Baby is an active member of Wags for Wishes, and does many great things for his community, including visiting senior citizen homes and making us all smile. He has been on TV many times with Dan, in a parade, raised awareness for homeless pets, been in a calendar, raised awareness for childhood illnesses and diseases. Now Baby is involved with both Wags for Wishes, and The Make-a-Wish Foundation of America. One of Baby's greatest achievements was being featured in the famous New York Times Newspaper!

Baby has recently been on Channel 9 news in Florida, where Dan was interviewed about Wags For Wishes. For more information on this cause, visit www.bullybaby.com How many bulldogs do you know that do SO MUCH for their community? Thank you Dan, Baby, and George for all you do.

Dan is an active member in the group, and has another bulldog, George - who is Baby's best friend. They share the house with Delilah, the cat. Delilah even has her own section on bullybaby.com. Dan's website for Baby is huge. You have to visit this site! www.bullybaby.com!

One of our proudest honors was when Bulldog's World chose Baby to be the Bulldog of the Month in September, 2007. This site takes over two million visitors each month! I know Baby would have been so proud of this.

People oftentimes ask Papa why I've become so famous, and this is what he tells them: "I believe that God has engineered these events in our lives. The very thought of coincidences is absurd. I believe that He sent Baby into this world to be with me for a good purpose. He is good, and I thank Him everyday."

In December, 2007, I accepted an appreciation award in Baby's behalf, presented by the Tampa Bay Bulldog Club. I was so proud!

This is what Baby's award looked like:

In mid-July of 2008, I entered Baby in Zelda's Swimsuit Contest and he won. I was gratified that after being gone for practically a year (July 29, 2007), he was still helping to rescue orphaned bulldogs.

June 22, 2010 we had the honor and pleasure of posing with United States Congressman Vern Buchanan from Florida.

He and his staff were very kind to us and Vern himself is owned by four bulldogs.


Go to Dog Collection Magazine to see a wonderful magazine article on Baby, published by The Dog Collection Magazine.

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