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Alabaster Sitting Bulldog

The Pieta

Orange Bulldog

Orange Bulldog

In late April, 2006, I met a local stone carver that influenced me to try carving a stone. I found a site and ordered a soapstone block. Here's Baby checking it out.
I started the sculpture on Friday, April 28, after lunch. Here's an image of Baby and George inspecting the piece Friday evening.
On May 3rd, the work was completed.
Stone carving is hard, hot work, but it sure is fun!
Here's our studio. I allow the boys out there, only when I'm carving wood. Even though I have three HUGE fans blowing, I don't want them to breathe any dust from a stone.


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Sleeping Cat
5" dia.  (2011)

Standing Bulldog
Orange Utah Alabaster
10" long (2011)

Orange Utah Alabaster
9" long (2011)
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