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This is Zack! He came into our lives on Saturday, March 6, 2004. We got him from the Suncoast Humane Society. He's very friendly and gentle, and I'm hopelessly in love with the little fellow.  Baby has also accepted Zack as a playmate. Zack's face looks hauntingly similar to Beethoven's (my first bulldog). Zack is five years old.


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Starring Baby, Delilah and Zack!


Here's the first image taken of Zack. We're posing in the yard of the Suncoast Humane Society in Englewood, Florida. 


Darlene, Baby's official groomer was kind enough to come over Saturday night to bathe Zack, clean his ears and cut his nails. She knows a lot about bulldogs and her friendship is greatly appreciated.
Monday, March 9th, I took Zack to Dr. Greenwald at Ark Animal Clinic and was thrilled to learn that his medical condition was good. Of utmost importance was to put him on a strict, low-calorie diet. He also has to grow accustomed to the fact that in this home,  he can't have his favorite beverage, which I've discovered is beer! I believe his previous owners tried to take good care of him, but he does require daily maintenance, up with which I believe they couldn't keep. 
Neither Baby nor Delilah was keen on the idea of sharing their home with Zack, at first, but they're gentle and loving creatures, so they tried to tolerate the situation. It was stressful around here for a few days.
The turning point in their relationship occurred on the night of March 11, when Darlene dropped in to check on the boys and comb Zack's coat for ticks. This created an interaction as both fellows competed for attention. 
They even played together. Baby is a sweetheart to share his toys with Zack, and Zack is gentle with the toys. 

They began to enjoy getting some sun together.


In the meantime, I engineered some things around the house to accommodate a second bulldog. Zack is in the back on a platform that I constructed for him. The "shotgun" platform in the front is reserved for Baby.
Zack is a noble fellow in possession of great character.  He's courageous with a ferocious bark. But yet, he's a gentleman as well as a gentle man. I realized early on that Zack was just one more wonderful blessing that God has bestowed upon me, and for this, I am grateful. I'm hopelessly in love with Zack and I've made the decision to give him a permanent home with Baby, Delilah and me. 
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I've talked with many people involved with bulldog rescue since I've had Zack. These people are the best! They are not paid for their time, gas, long-distant calls, etc., and many have out-of-pocket expenses for vet and food bills for which they will never be reimbursed, due to the lack of funds available. 


People, PLEASE donate money or time to animal rescue. If you own a bulldog, please donate to bulldog rescue. Visit Baby's Rescue page shown below to find worthy groups to donate to. Thanks.

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